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Alicia is the company's first project. It arises from a series of questions about modern slavery and the need to inform and share the situation in which millions of women and children find themselves in our country and in the world.


The work is built from Lewis Carroll's story "Alice in Wonderland" and is combined with true stories - in the form of monologues - that deal with the way criminals operate, how they hook young girls to later sell them, what are the stories behind the clients and how the minds of these women evolve as time goes by in this confinement until they become -according to the stats- perpetrators themselves as they grow up. Behind each speech is the painful and forceful reality that is lived daily.


The piece is the result of a two-year investigation that was supported by both governmental and civil society organizations, including the General Directorate of strategies for attention to human rights of the Ministry of the Interior, the National Human Rights Commision, the Coalition against trafficking of women and girls in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Script and Direction

 Jimena Mancilla y Patricia Hernández


Stage and Light Design

Caravana Workshop y Silvia Gabriel Estrada


Costume Design

Alan Estrada


Graphic Design

Alma Camelia

Stills by Roberto Tetlalmatzin


 La Madriguera AC


Videos by Horacio Romo Mercado and Luis Montalvo



Ximena Gutierrez Sastrias 

Fernando Villel

Kervin Carlock 

Omar Sorroza

Patricia Hernández

Jimena Mancilla 

Alicia premiered at the National Arts Centre in 2016, was selected for the CDMX 2016 Theatre Show, the Monterrey Theatre Colloquium and participated in the International Symposium against Human Trafficking held in Mexico City.

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